Submission Guidelines and Best Practices

You must control (owned or contracted) any property that you submit for listing.  Use accurate information to the best of your ability.  Below is a simple guide to submitting your property for the best listing.

Two primary concerns to get the most out of your listing:  make sure your profile information is entered and correct, and do not use commas when inputting numbers, the site will add them where appropriate.

Property Title:  This is used as the headline on the property listing page as well as its snippet on the homepage.  Use this to your advantage with things like “Great rental in Florissant”, “Huge Profit Potential” or “Add a bath, double the ARV”.

Property Address: This will be used to map the property.  Once entered, a dropdown will appear with the actual postal address, CLICK ON THAT DROPDOWN to confirm the address.

Property Description:  Use this area to sell the potential of the property.  Bed, Baths and Repair notes are already listed, make the case for this being a good investment.  Emphasize the ways to get maximum value out of the property.

Type:  Select the appropriate property type.  This will help users filter their results with the search function.

City:  This will help users filter their results with the search function.

State:  This will help users filter their results with the search function.

ZIP:  This will help users filter their results with the search function.

Lot Size:  If you know the size of the entire lot, put it here.

Repair Scope:  Select the appropriate repair scope for the property.  This populates on the homepage listing and helps the users filter their results with the search function.

Repair Estimate:  ONLY ENTER DIGITS, no commas.  How much do you estimate the repairs will cost for this property.

Repair Notes:  List the scope of work that will need to be performed.  Example:  New hardwood floors, new kitchen cabinets, paint, clean carpets.

ARV Estimate:  How much do you think the property will sell for when properly rehabbed.

File Upload:  If you have any architectural drawings or other documents that will help a potential buyer.

Bedrooms:  Number of bedrooms in this property.

Bathrooms:  Number of bathrooms in this property.

Garages:  Number of covered parking spaces.

Property ID:   Optional to help identify a property when someone contacts you.

Sale or Rent Price:  ONLY ENTER DIGITS, no commas.  The amount you are asking for the property.

Price Postfix text:  If you want to add something behind your price such as OBO, /month, or other.

Area:  Square footage of the house.

Virtual Tour Video URL:  If you have a video walkthrough of the property, enter its YouTube, Vimeo or other link here.

Images:  Upload the images you have of the property here.  Star the image that you want displayed on the homepage listing.  If you do not star a listing, no image will show on the homepage listing.

Additional Details:  Anything that you want highlighted about the property should be entered here.

Selling Features:  If any apply select the appropriate options.

Want to Display Agent Information Box:  Please select “My Profile Information” and be sure that your profile information is correct.  This will also allow users to use the contact box on the page to directly email you.

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